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Brainz eco-system fosters an environment where we collectively aim to become the best we - we could me. Each member of the team creates from their zone of genius, creating a technology that’s uniquely human.

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UI Designer
‍Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Excellent design is logical design. Combines seamless interface.

Dr. Nader Absi
Chief Medical Officer, Scietific Advisory Board
Previous: Residency Harvard, MD AUB, MRI and Digital Health Specialist

Responsible for scientific research implementation and psychometric integration.

Full Name
Visual Brand Expert
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

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Founder story

From a young age, Deena Al Jassasi was deeply attuned to psychological distress, leading many abused children to confide in her. 

This drove her to study Psychology at Concordia University, where she also minored in Law, Society, and Feminist Religion. During her education, she was diagnosed with PTSD from the secondary trauma she'd witnessed. 
Deena worked in a PTSD research laboratory, dove deep into studies, and created the “Guide to Hacking Your Psyche,” introducing novel concepts like “Trauma Tax.” Undergoing various treatments herself gave her a unique dual perspective, both as a practitioner and a client. 

Later, she started private coaching practice and ventured into entrepreneurship. Her diverse expertise birthed Brainz Health, a platform merging psychology and innovative tech for immersive mental well-being.

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